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Overwatch: Overwatch: Best Torbjorn turret placement spots

The best spots to place Torbjorn's turrets across the roster of Overwatch maps.

On this page you'll find the best placement spots for Torbjorn's turrets across each category of map in Overwatch.

The art of making an impact with Torbjorn lies very much in making sure his powerful turret is actually popped down in the right place. Position it just so and the enemy will waste endless time and health trying to take it out. Leave it in plain sight and Genji will stroll over and deal with it in short order.

On the next few pages you’ll find the best Torbjorn turret spots on each map. We’ve broken these locations down into sections, so you can navigate easily to the specific maps that you want to forge your devilish creations upon. We’ve featured Lord Quinzulin’s awesome Torbjorn videos in the past, but thought it was about time we brought them all together in one place.

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Assault Maps

First up, let’s see what he has to say about turret positioning on the Assault maps in Overwatch:


We reckon some of the best turret locations mentioned here are on the balconies overlooking both point A and point B’s courtyards. It makes an attacking push even trickier for the enemy team to execute, as they’re forced to turn and aim at an annoying turret positioned on the high ground.

That said, there’s one even better turret spot that doesn’t appear in the video, and it’s for those defending point A. Pop it on the stairs next to the bell in such a way that it can still see the main choke through the grill, but also handle any sneaky flankers approaching the point from higher ground. Positioned here, it’s both well protected and defensively versatile.

Temple of Anubis turret spots

Torbjorn benefits greatly from setting up a turret in a cheeky spot before the attackers are able to leave the spawn room. This allows him to harass the enemy for free and get some quick Ultimate charge without being punished for it in the slightest. We’re big fans of the very first spot Lord Quinzulin shows us here, as the health pack will keep the turret up for a bit longer and result in even more charge.

Volskaya Industries turret spots

The turret peeking through the central window of the connector at Point A is a personal favourite of ours, as it’s able to cover loads of angles to give attackers a real headache. What’s more, it’s also difficult for attackers to destroy it without being peppered by bullets and putting themselves in a bad position.

For pure novelty, we love the idea of placing a turret on the moving platforms circling the outer edges of Point B. You never know, it might just net you that gold medal in damage.

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