Breaking news: Overwatch: Anniversary guide


Overwatch: Anniversary guide

Everything that's been confirmed about the next special Overwatch event.

Our Overwatch: Anniversary guide contains details of the new maps, skins, voice lines and dance emotes coming with the next update.

BREAKING: The Anniversary event is now live and we're in the process of updating the site with all of the new content. Browse the following links for the latest information.


As you're no doubt aware if you're a veteran player of the game, we're rapidly approaching Overwatch's first birthday. It's long been known that there'll be an Anniversary event for the game, but for the first time we're getting a taste of what's to come straight from Blizzard - perhaps they're sick of the usual leaks, and decided to take the initiative this time around!

Anyway, from this Anniversary guide you'll be able to get all the latest information on when the event will start and finish, the new maps that have been confirmed for the game, and all of the cosmetic stuff that's already being teased. Well be expanding on all of these sections as and when new information is released.

First though, here's the lovely trailer that was released the other day to confirm the event.

Happy Birthday Overwatch!

Overwatch: Anniversary start and end dates

The Overwatch: Anniversary event will begin on Tuesday 23rd May and end on Monday 12th June. For an idea of when it's likely to go live in your corner of the world, take a look at our page dedicated to the Anniversary start time - hopefully we've got every region covered.

Overwatch: Anniversary Trailer

The launch trailer for the event has just gone live:

Overwatch: Anniversary new maps

We know that there are going to be three maps - described as Arena maps - with the Anniversary update. It's since been confirmed that these will be similar in scope to Ecopoint Antarctica, with 1v1 and 3v3 modes available for each one.

When the update goes live we'll be adding guides for each one to this section of our Anniversary guide. For now though, you can get an early look at the new maps in the video below (note the flavours of Dorado, Eichenwalde and Temple of Anubis):

We have heard rumours that the maps are called Z11-Labs or Siwa Battery but there's no official confirmation on this.

Another rumour involves a supposed new game mode for Overwatch called Escort War. In Escort War, a payload spawns in the centre of the map, which players must battle to push towards the enemy team's base. Again, we stress this is nothing but rumour right now.

Should these rumours prove true, however, we'll make a page for them and add them to this article so you can jump straight into the latest information.

Overwatch: Anniversary skins

There will be plenty of new skins with the Anniversary event, and Blizzard has given us an early look at what's coming. So far, just Bastion, Soldier: 76, Pharah and Zarya have had new skins confirmed.

There may well be more, however, and we'll add them all to the site as soon as the update goes live.

Overwatch: Anniverary dance emotes

Special dance emotes are also coming to the game on 23rd May. Although we've only seen confirmed moves for Sombra, Lucio, Symmetra and Zenyatta, it's entirely possible there'll be more when the event goes live.

For now, here's what definitely on its way, as confirmed by Blizzard itself:

Overwatch: Anniversary voice lines

As you'd expect by now, there'll be some new Voice Lines to unlock with Overwatch: Anniversary. The developers have already released a teaser for these, which you can listen to right here:

That's everything we know for now, but we'll have loads more for you once the event goes live on Tuesday 23rd May.

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