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Hearthstone: The best Hearthstone decks - June 2017 (Season 39)

Our one-stop guide to the best decks you can play on the Standard ladder in Season 39.

On this page you'll find the best Hearthstone decks you can play in Season 39 (June 2017), with links to a guide to playing each one.

It's hard to recall another moment in Hearthstone's history where the metagame's been as jittery as it has been over the last month or so. Although things have settled down a great deal now, much of the previous month was spent revising our evaluation of the game's strongest decks, as the previous month's top-dogs began to wobble, and unexpected contenders stormed to the top of the pile.

Thankfully things seem to be a bit more stable now, which is great news for those hoping to settle down with a collection of core decks as we enter the latter half of the Un'Goro metagame. The Mage is looking like the big winner right now with its Control and Secret flavours, but our own beloved Murloc Paladin is causing plenty of trouble of its own, along with that old favourite Pirate Warrior.

It's not quite fair to say there's something for everyone right now though. The Warlock seems truly dead and buried for the remainder of this expansion, and even the newbie-friendly Hunter has very little to offer the ladder right now, save for a comparatively toothless Midrange deck. Fingers crossed that these characters' fortunes improve as we approach the second expansion for Year of the Mammoth.

Expect more news on that front in the next month or so, but for now here's our revised round-up of the best Hearthstone decks you can play on the Standard ladder right now. We'll update this article if things change dramatically in the coming weeks, but we reckon this is as solid assessment of the metagame as any other right now!

John, Metabomb.

Best Standard Druid decks

Aggro Token Druid continues to be the strongest archetype for the hero right now, and it's very competitive in the Un'Goro metagame overall. Further down the pecking order lie Jade Druid and Ramp Druid, but they really can't compete with the aggressive archetype this month.

Best Standard Hunter decks

The Hunter's fortunes don't look great in Un'Goro, but you can manage a pretty decent climb up the ladder by using Midrange Hunter. Face Hunter is a long way away from being the powerhouse it once was, but will suit those playing on an extreme budget.

Best Standard Mage decks

The Mage is emerging as one of the big winners in Un'Goro. Control and Secret Mage are both top-flight decks in the current meta, and represent your strongest means for climbing the ladder this month. Freeze Mage runs a pretty close third, although the experimental Exodia Mage has yet to prove its worth.

Best Standard Paladin decks

A pleasantly aggressive Murloc Paladin is the hero's strongest option right now, although the Control and Midrange archetypes definitely give this prime pick a run for its money. Elemenetal Paladin is another deck worth playing around with if you want to benefit from a certain element of surprise!

Best Standard Priest decks

Turns out Priest isn't dead in Un'Goro after all. Dragon Priest is the deck we recommend piloting above all others this month, although don't entirely discount the strengths of the Control and Silence archetypes either. Highlander Priest attempts to channel the power of Reno Priest but doesn't quite deliver in a truly competitive sense.

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Best Standard Rogue decks

Miracle Rogue has kicked Quest Rogue out of top spot and represents the strongest deck for this hero right now. Much further down the tier list sits Tempo Rogue, which we present for variety's sake as much as anything else!

Best Standard Shaman decks

Token Shaman probably edges the Control and Elemental archetypes, but only just and there's not a lot in it - go with your preference on this one. The Jade Shaman archetype has all but been absorbed into Control now.

Best Standard Warlock decks

The big loser of the Un'Goro expansion is Warlock. Only one deck - Zoo Warlock - could even vaguely be considered competitive right now, and even that's pretty far down the pecking order. As a sympathy option, we throw in Handlock for variety's sake. It's not performed nearly as well as was predicted, but it's an alternative at least.

Best Standard Warrior decks

Pirate Warrior is not only the hero's strongest option right now, but also one of the most powerful decks full stop. Taunt Warrior has slipped a little in popularity but is still a decent enough way of climbing the ladder. Pure Control's seen a bit of a return to form in recent weeks, but it remains to see how long it remains viable.

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