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Hearthstone: Midrange Hunter deck list guide - Hearthstone - May 2017

Our guide to playing Midrange Hunter in Season 38 using the latest Un'Goro deck.

Our Midrange Hunter guide features the best deck list for Season 38, along with Mulligan advice, strategy tips and crucial card combos.

Midrange Hunter is a deck that's been popular in Hearthstone since time immemorial. It has the power to take a controlling position against more aggressive opponents, yet can quickly switch to a more aggressive stance of its own when you need to finish a game against slower opponents who threaten to starve you of cards. Suffice to say, a broad understanding of the state of the current metagame will go a long way when it comes to winning more games with this archetype.

The Gadgetzan expansion gave Midrange Hunter more than a few new tricks to play with in the form of Alleycat, Smuggler's Crate, Trogg Beastrager and Dispatch Kodo. Only Alleycat has survived into the first version of the deck in the Un'goro metagame although things may change. Note that there are a number of new cards at play as well: Jeweled Macaw, Stampede, Crackling Razormaw and Nesting Roc.

In the next of our Un'Goro deck guides, we'll walk you through the basics of playing the very latest version of Midrange Hunter, give you some pointers on how to Mulligan correctly in an uncertain metagame, and then finally run through all of the most important card combos that exist in this version. We expect this deck to continue going through quite a few changes in the weeks and months ahead of us, but feel this is a pretty solid starting point for this stage of the UNn'Goro metagame.

Editor's note - April 2017 Update: All deck lists should be considered experimental this early on, but the cards you need for this Un'Goro version seem likely to last the distance. We'll obviously keep monitoring the performance of this archetype and make any changes that are decessary.

(For the Wild version of this deck, make sure you take a look at our Wild Midrange Hunter deck list and guide)

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Midrange Hunter deck list and strategy - May 2017

Sjow considers this to be a potent deck list for Midrange Hunter right now. It will be refined further though, so stay tuned for updates.

2 x Alleycat2 x Dire Wolf Alpha
2 x Fiery Bat1 x Nesting Roc
2 x Jeweled Macaw
2 x Stampede
2 x Crackling Razormaw
2 x Kindly Grandmother
2 x Scavenging Hyena
2 x Animal Companion
2 x Kill Command
2 x Rat Pack
2 x Unleash the Hounds
2 x Houndmaster
1 x Tundra Rhino
2 x Savannah Highmane

Alternative deck lists:

The fundamentals of playing Midrange Hunter haven't really changed with Un'Goro. The aim is still very much to frustrate opponents who are playing very aggressively, while moving a little faster against slower opponents. Just keep one eye on potential AOE plays your opponent could make in the near future, leaving themselves with a very favourable board. Under these conditions, you would place a great emphasis on control.

You've got plenty of early-game options to ensure you start building a board from the very start of a match, and you should try to get your Hero Power off whenever possible once the mid-game comes around. It's a great way of increasing pressure, while at the same time conserving cards. You won't run out of cards too quickly with this deck, but the Hero Power is a surprisingly effective way of getting you over the finishing line, used across the entire length of a match.

This archetype's been shaken up quite a bit with the new expansion, so you'd be wise to refamiliarise yourself with all of the combos outlined further down the page. It's from these that you'll gain a greater understanding of the strategy involved with playing the Midrange Hunter right now.

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Midrange Hunter (Standard) Mulligan guide - May 2017

With Midrange Hunter you want to focus on making every drop of Mana count in the first few turns. You will always want to keep a fantastic one drop such as Alleycat or Jeweled Macaw, while on Turn 2 you can use Crackling Razormaw to boost that first play. A quick shot out here for Kindly Grandmother too, an excellent 2 Mana card that can prove annoyingly sticky for your opponent to deal with.

If you're confident you're up against a slower deck, then you might be able to justify keeping something a little heavier here such as Animal Companion or even Rat Pack. Note, however, that you really want to get a boost on this latter card so you can benefit from a greater number of creatures spawning from its corpse!

As soon as the Un'Goro metagame has settled down a bit, we're going to be fleshing out this section of our guide with advice for choosing advice against specific opponents.

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Midrange Hunter tips, combos and synergies - May 2017

With an influx of new cards comes a whole load of new synergies to think about. Midrange Hunter may be a bit of an old dog at this point, but it's certainly picked up a few new tricks with the latest expansion.

Here's a quick look at some of the most crucial combos - old and new - that you need to keep in mind as you play through every game.

- Every Beast class of card will empower Kill Command and have it dish out more damage.

- The more powerful Rat Pack is, the more bodies spawn from its corpse. Cards like Dire Wolf Alpha, Houndmaster and Crackling Razormaw can be used to beef up this Beast quite handily.

- As long as Tundra Rhino remains out on the board, any Beast cards will be able to attack on the same turn they're played.

- If Scavenging Hyena is on the board, it'll gain extra stats for each Beast minion that dies.

- Be careful with your positioning of Dire Wolf Alpha, as you may need to “cycle” through weak minions as you trade - you want as many of them to get the benefit of this boost as you can.

- Houndmaster can be used to boost any Beast card and give it the Taunt feature as well.

- If you have two or more other minions out in play, Nesting Roc will gain the Taunt ability.

- Every Beast you play on the same turn after firing off Stampede will see a fresh card from this category added to your hand.

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