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Hearthstone: Token Shaman deck list guide - May 2017

Our recommended Token Shaman deck list and guide for this month's ladder.

Our Token Shaman deck guide features the best deck list for Season 38, with Mulligan advice, strategy tips, card combos and synergies.

Token Shaman - like all Token decks - is a Hearthstone deck built around the simple concept of getting many minor minions out into play, then using various buffs to transform them into a devastating fighting force. The general idea is that if your opponent is unable to clear these would-be threats out quickly, they'll find themselves quickly overwhelmed - if not, in fact, completely dead.

In the next of our Un'Goro deck guides, we've highlight a particularly strong deck list you can use in-game yourself, and also provided some Mulligan tips so you can choose a solid starting hand. This is not a complicated process at all, but it's always helpful to have some starting advice! Finally, we've highlighted the card combos and synergies that power this deck.

There's every chance this deck will become more powerful over time. If so, we'll update our recommended version of it as required, and also expand on the advice contained in this guide if it proves competitive in the long-term.

Editor's note - May 2017 update: Token Shaman is still a bit of a middling archetype in the Un'goro metagame - particularly when you consider that the Token Druid alternative does the playstyle so much better. If you're a fan of the archetype though, you'll at least be relieved to know that the deck list remains unchanged for the current month. If you've already crafted a load of cards for this format, you're good to go!

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Token Shaman deck list and strategy - May 2017

Here's a strong Token Shaman deck list you can play in the current metagame.

2 x Flametongue Totem2 x Argent Squire
2 x Jade Claws2 x Fire Fly
2 x Maelstrom Portal1 x Patches the Pirate
2 x Primalfin Totem2 x Southsea Deckhand
1 x Stormforged Axe1 x Cult Master
2 x Hex
2 x Mana Tide Totem
2 x Jade Lightning
2 x Jade Spirit
2 x Bloodlust
1 x Aya Blackpaw
2 x Thing from Below

There's nothing enormously complicated about playing Token Shaman, and you'll gain a deeper strategic understanding of the deck simply by studying the combo section towards the bottom of this page.

In very simple terms though, you hope to build as wide a board as possible of minor token minions, then use Bloodlust or Flametongue Totem to boost them up in strength and send a - hopefully - game-finishing amount of damage into the opponent's health pool.

You have a little light Jade synergy to play around with in this version of the deck, but you've also got loads of low-Mana minions at your disposal too. These can be used to ensure you're developing the board further on every turn, and Primalfin Totem in particular can quickly get out of control if your opponent fails to take it off the board.

If the deck picks up in popularity, we'll expand on this strategy section considerably. For now though, check the Mulligan and combo sections for further help with playing this deck.

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Token Shaman Mulligan guide - May 2017

Must-keeps in just about every match-up include Argent Squire, Fire Fly, Primalfin Totem and Jade Claws. The first of these help you build a wide board quickly, while the latter weapon additionally helps you stop the opponent from making meaningful board development of their own.

If you're certain you're up against an aggressive opponent who'll be fielding weak minions as a result, Maelstrom Portal becomes much more valuable. You really don't want to be trading with your crucial token creatures early on here.

Once the meta has stabilised a little more, we'll be updating this Mulligan section with lots of hero-specific advice.

Token Shaman tips, combos and synergies - May 2017

Here are all of the most vital card synergies contained within this version of the deck:

- Southsea Deckhand can only do damage on the turn he's played if you have either Stormforged Axe or Jade Claws in your hand at the same time.

- The first Pirate you play in each game will drag Patches the Pirate into play as well, but only if he's in your remaining deck pile rather than your hand. Don't forget to use this damage before hitting End Turn either!

- Don't forget the importance of using cards like Southsea Deckhand and Patches the Pirate in combination with buff cards for surprise, additional burst damage.

-The following cards all have synergy with the Jade Golem mechanic: Jade Spirit, Jade Lightning, Aya Blackpaw and Jade Claws. Your first summoned Jade Golem is a 1/1 minion, the second 2/2, the third 3/3 and so on.

- Bloodlust increases the Attack value of every minion on the board by 3 points each. This - alongside Flametongue Totem - represents your major source of burst damage.

- Thing from Below costs one Mana less for each totem you summoned earlier on in the game. It makes no difference whether these totems were created from cards or your hero power!

Comment on this article

  • erikmuench38 #1 A month ago
    What can you sub for Patches, and then I guess Deckhand?
    Sign in to reply
  • Bedders #2 A month ago
    @erikmuench38 I'm not sure whether to suggest you replace them with your best 1-Mana early game minions (to start spreading the board), or your best Charge minions so you get the greater amount of burst damage later on. Obviously you have to consider the Mana impact of playing later cards alongside Bloodlust.

    I played this deck enough to understand the way it works for the purposes of a starter guide, but not dozens of games by any means. Anyone else have any thoughts?
    Sign in to reply
  • PioMoggo #3 A month ago
    @erikmuench38 I'm not sure if the Patches package is still worth running if you don't have Patches. But you can try running Glacial Shard. Or a Bloodsail Corsair. Or maybe even try cutting a few of the cards for the murloc package, the Finja + Warleader + Bluegill. Warleader has good synergy with Prinalfin as well.
    Sign in to reply
  • Bedders #4 8 days ago
    I've just given this another checking over for meta-relevance and...nothing's changed! The deck list's settled down now, so just carry on as you were. It's a bit of a middling deck though, so you might want to think about switching over to Token Druid if you like the playstyle, but are struggling to make progress on the ladder.
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