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Secret Hunter deck list guide - September 2017 - Hearthstone

Our complete guide to playing Hearthstone's Secret Hunter in Season 42.

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Our Secret Hunter deck guide features the best deck list for Season 42, with Mulligan advice, strategy tips, card combos and more.

Secret Hunter is a relatively new deck archetype for Hearthstone, one that stormed its way into the metagame following the release of the Karazhan Adventure, and is shaping up to look pretty decent in the Frozen Throne meta. While Hunters have always relied heavily on their collection of Secrets to climb the ladder consistently, this particular deck is absolutely stuffed to the brim with these spells, thanks to the addition of some relatively new cards.

Cloaked Huntress leads the way here, and once she's out on the board every single Secret you have in your hand will cost exactly zero Mana to cast. This represents incredible value, especially when you consider the impact of each triggered Secret on the Durability of your Eaglehorn Bow. Cat Trick in particular provides a very powerful way of maintaining board presence, even after mass removal.

Even though it's not a hugely challenging deck to play, we reckon every Hunter fan should take it out for a spin at least once. In our guide to this new archetype, we've got the best deck list you can make use of right now, some tips for Mulliganing it correctly, a general overview of the strategy involved, and a round-up of the most important combos you have to mess around with.

Our Frozen Throne: Best Decks and Guides hub contains everything you need to get stuck into the new meta!


We're highlight Brian Kibler's early Secret Hunter deck list for the first edition of this guide in the Frozen Throne meta. It is of course subject to rapid change - just like every other deck - so you should exercise a little caution when it comes to crafting expensive cards that might not see play in the long-term.

As with all of our deck guides we'll be monitoring things closely over the next few days and weeks, and will keep updating this article as the meta evolves.

Secret Hunter deck list and strategy

Here's Brian Kibler's Secret Mage for these early days of the Frozen Throne launch! Let us know in the comments of any tweaks you've made that seem to make a difference.

2 x Alleycat1 x Fire Fly
2 x Cat Trick2 x Secretkeeper
2 x Crackling Razormaw1 x Arfus
1 x Freezing Trap2 x Nesting Roc
2 x Kindly Grandmother
1 x Snipe
2 x Venomstrike Trap
2 x Animal Companion
2 x Cloaked Huntress
1 x Eaglehorn Bow
2 x Kill Command
2 x Houndmaster
1 x Professor Putricide
1 x Deathstalker Rexxar
1 x Savannah Highmane

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Deck Import ID:


The key card in this deck is Cloaked Huntress, and her power should be self-explanatory really. Not only does she allow you to field a lot of Secrets at no cost whatsoever, the knock-on effect for other minions like Secretkeeper - or your Eaglehorn Bow weapon - can be devastating for the opponent to deal with.

Don't be too greedy though, and waste a Freezing Trap when you might need it for something meatier later on. There are optimisations to be had when playing Secrets in the correct order as well, and those who study the metagame closely will be better placed to judge the best use of the Huntress.

Let's take a quick look at the new Frozen Throne cards that have just been added to this version of the deck:

- Venomstrike Trap is a natural addition as a new Secret for the game and works in a similar fashion to Snake Trap, although you only get one minion. It has the Poison effect though which is always incredibly useful.

- Professor Putricide again has natural synergy with this deck. Play a Hunter Secret, get a Hunter Secret for free. No further explanation required here!

- Arfus will provide you with a random Death Knight card when he's killed. See the combo section towards the bottom of this page for a deeper explanation of how this new card reward system works.

- Deathstalker Rexxar is the Hunter's Death Knight Hero card, and will transform your hero into this new minion. Two points of damage will be done to all enemy minions when you cast this spell, and you'll also gain the Build-A-Beast hero power. Check the video below (around 45 seconds in) for details on how this works:

More great Hunter guides:

Secret Hunter Mulligan guide

You will not struggle to build an opening curve with this deck, although cards like Kindly Grandmother and Secretkeeper have obvious appeal. Regarding the latter, you may be able to justify holding onto a Secret as well if you also have a Plan B for that minion getting removed.

Do hang onto Cloaked Huntress if you receive her in the opening hand, as you're almost guaranteed to get value from her on Turn 3. If you have The Coin, you might also consider holding on to Eaglehorn Bow.

Given the aggressive nature of this particular deck list though, it's more important to prioritise a fast minion start over anything else.

Once the Frozen Throne meta has taken some kind of established shape - and if this deck proves popular in the long run - we'll be back with hero-specific advice for what you should think about holding onto in each match-up.

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Secret Hunter tips combos and synergies

This is a relatively new deck archetype to hit Hearthstone, so if you fancy messing around with it you'll want to familiarise yourself with all of the most important card synergies you have at your disposal.

Here's a quick look at some of the biggest combos that you always need to be thinking about as every match plays out.

- Every Secret in your hand will cost zero Mana as long as Cloaked Huntress remains out on the board. You should of course attempt to seek maximum value from this effect without being too greedy!

- If Secretkeeper is out in play, every Secret played by you or your opponent will increase her Attack and Health values by one point each.

- Each time a Secret of yours is triggered by your opponent, Eaglehorn Bow - if it's actually being wielded by you at the time - will gain an extra point of Durability, allowing you to push over the finishing line even faster (or clear a bothersome minion out of the way).

- If you've any Beasts on the board, then your Kill Command damage value increases from three points to five.

- Nesting Roc assumes Taunt if you have two or more minions on the board. This is quite likely to be the case by the time you can pop this minion onto the board.

- Houndmaster can be used to buff any Beast category of minion, and also provide a handy Taunt wall for the rest of your troops too.

With Professor Putricide in play, every Secret you cast will cause another Hunter Secret to be activated. You can of course still only have one of each Secret active at any given time, so it remains to be seen exactly how much value can be extracted from this new Legendary.

- Crackling Razormaw puts its target through the Adapt process. You'll be tasked to choose one of three buffs that are randomly selected from the following pool of ten:

Adapt NameEffect
Crackling ShieldDivine Shield
Flaming Claws+3 Attack
Liquid MembraneCan't be targeted by spells or Hero Powers
Lightning SpeedWindfury
Living SporesDeathrattle: Summon two 1/1 Plants
Poison SpitPoisonous
Rocky Carapace+3 Health
Shrouding MistStealth until your next turn
Volcanic Might+1 / +1 stats

- When Arfus dies, you'll receive one of the following Death Knight cards:

2Death CoilDeal 5 damage to an enemy, or restore 5 Health to a friendly character.
2Death GripSteal a minion from your opponent's deck and add it to your hand.
2ObliterateDestroy a minion. Your hero takes damage equal to its Health.
3Death and DecayDeal 3 damage to all enemies.
4Anti-Magic ShellGive your minions +2 / +2 and “Can't be targeted by spells or Hero Powers.”
5Doom PactDestroy all minions. Remove the top card from your deck for each minion destroyed.
6Army of the DeadRemove the top 5 cards of your deck. Summony any minions removed.
7FrostmourneDeathrattle: Summon every minion killed by this [5 / 3] weapon.

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  • Redhawk511 #1 7 months ago
    In the deck list, you list Explosive Shot (a 5 cost card) in the second position when I believe you intended to include the 2 cost Explosive Trap.
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  • Bedders #2 7 months ago
    @Redhawk511 Whoops you are correct, editing in now.
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  • Bedders #3 2 months ago
    Hi guys, this deck list is now fully updated for the Frozen Throne launch. All comments above this one related to an early version of the deck.
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