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Hearthstone: Quest Warlock Zoo deck list guide (Lakkari Sacrifice)

A devilishly good deck list and guide for the Un'Goro Warlock Quest

Our Quest Warlock Zoo guide (Lakkari Sacrifice) features the best deck list for Season 37, with Mulligan advice, strategy tips, card combos and synergies.

Quest Warlock Zoo is a new take on a very old Hearthstone deck, and is given an extra shot of power thanks to the hero's Lakkari Sacrifice Quest card. Once you've put this card into play, you'll need to discard a total of six cards in order to get your Nether Portal reward. This 5 Mana spell guarantees that a pair of 3/2 Imps are summoned onto the board at the end of all your subsequent turns - terrifying stuff.

In our guide to this new archetype we've got a deck list from one of the world's most popular Hearthstone streamers, along with a little advice for playing it out. After that we've got some Mulligan tips to help you get started, followed by a breakdown of all the combos that are necessary to achieve victory. We'll be expanding this guide considerably over the coming weeks, so check back for updates.

First, we think it's useful to highlight the new Un'Goro cards that feature in this deck. Our card hover system which lets you preview cards may not be active at the time you're reading this, so we've also got a gallery of the new cards just below the descriptions.

Lakkari Sacrifice: The core card in this deck. Play it for 1 Mana, discard 6 cards in total, then take home your glorious reward: Nether Portal.

Nether Portal: A 5 Mana spell that creates a permanent portal. The portal summons a pair of 3/2 minions at the end of each of your turns from then on.

Clutchmother Zavas: A mere 2 Mana 2/2, but when it's discarded it comes back to your hand and gains +2/+2 stats. The cycle repeats.

Ravenous Pterrordax: A 4 Mana 4/4. If you have a friendly minion on the board, you can destroy it and put this creature through the Adapt process twice.

Devilsaur Egg: A 3 Mana 0/3. When it dies it spawns a 5/5 Devilsaur. Think Nerubian Egg if you remember that card.

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Quest Warlock Zoo (Lakkari Sacrifice) deck list and strategy

We're starting off with Amaz's take on Quest Warlock Zoo. We'll see many different versions of this deck over the next month or two, so we may well switch it out for something better later on.

2 x Flame Imp2 x Dire Wolf Alpha
1 x Lakkari Sacrifice2 x Devilsaur Egg
2 x Malchezaar's Imp2 x Defender of Argus
2 x Possessed Villager
2 x Soulfire
2 x Voidwalker
1 x Clutchmother Zavas
2 x Darkshire Librarian
2 x Darkshire Councilman
2 x Silverware Golem
2 x Crystalweaver
2 x Ravenous Pterrordax
2 x Doomguard

(Take a look at our Un'Goro crafting guide if you want to find out more about the selection process behind some of these cards.)

The strategy behind this deck is pretty self-explanatory, and you'll gain the best insight about playing it by studying the combo breakdown towards the bottom of this page. Once your Quest is in play, you want to take the old Zoo approach of controlling the early game and widening your board at the same time.

All the way through this process you're hoping to dig into your discard minions a little faster than usual, so you can put Nether Portal out. The sooner it starts the longer you'll enjoy its benefits and close the match ahead of the late-game. Those extra minions can also be buffed, after all, and you want to be able to make that your switch towards damaging the enemy hero - rather than controlling the board - as quickly as possible.

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Quest Warlock Zoo (Lakkari Sacrifice) Mulligan guide

You're going to be playing Lakkari Sacrifice on Turn 1, and so you'll want to get your board rolling with a couple of cheap minions on Turn 2. For that reason you're simply looking for 1 or 2 Mana minions that you can play, and ideally get some discard synergy rolling at the same time.

Once we have an idea of the broader metagame, we're going to update this section of the guide with Mulligan advice for specific heroes. That's a little tough to do until we know what the strongest decks in the Un'Goro metagame though, and those decks will be refined over time as well.

Quest Warlock Zoo (Lakkari Sacrifice) tips, combos and synergies

Weaving your discard tools together is incredibly important with this deck, so study the follow combo breakdown carefully.

- There's particularly powerful synergy between Malchezaar's Imp and Clutchmother Zavas

- The following cards all play into the Discard mechanic in one way or another: Malchezaar's Imp, Soulfire, Clutchmother Zavas, Silverware Golem, Darkshire Librarian and Doomguard. Think your options through carefully each turn.

- Watch your positioning of Dire Wolf Alpha. You might need to buff up a series of mini-minions to deal with a problem on the board, and you want the adjacency buff to keep rolling through them.

- Devilsaur Egg is a great big glowing target for Ravenous Pterrordax to lash out at.

- Other activators for Devilsaur Egg include Dire Wolf Alpha and Defender of Argus.

- Darkshire Councilman grows in power for each minion summoned on the board. That can be from an active card play, or the spawning effect of Possessed Villager, for example.

- Check which cards are classed as Demons. If any of them are on the board, Crystalweaver will boost their stats by +1 / +1.

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