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Hearthstone: Quest Rogue deck list guide - Hearthstone - May 2017

Our revised guide to playing Quest Rogue in Season 38.

Our Quest Rogue deck guide features the best deck list for Season 38, with Mulligan advice, strategy tips, card combos and synergies.

Quest Rogue is one of the new Hearthstone decks to arrive with the Un'Goro expansion, and it's an archetype built around completing the hero's Caverns Below quest in order to receive the token-empowering Crystal Core card. To receive this reward though, you'll have to play a minion of the same name a total of four times.

While this might appear tricky at first glance - given the hard limit of having just two of any given minion in a single deck - you actually have plenty of ways of bouncing cheap minions back into your hand with the Rogue. By doing so, you can field the same minion more than twice in any given game, thus fulfilling the quest. Once Crystal Core has then been activated, all of your minions will have 5/5 stats for the remainder of the match.

This quest can actually be finished surprisingly quickly, and in our Quest Rogue guide we've got a deck list that should provide you with plenty of options to do exactly that. After that we've got some advice on playing your cards out, as well as some Mulligan advice to help you choose a solid starting hand. Finally, we've broken down all of the core combos contained in this deck for you.

Despite claims of Quest Rogue being overpowered right now, it's really not the simplest deck to pilot consistently, particularly if you get an unlucky starting hand. If you're struggling with any aspect of playing this deck, just let us know in the comments and we'll try to point you in the right direction!

Editor's note - May 2017 Update: Other recent takes on this deck swap out a single Igneous Elemental for a Backstab which can definitely prove handy in certain corners of the ladder. Otherwise things are pretty stable for now, although we suspect there'll be more meaningful changes once another month of play is behind us. New deck archetypes - particularly dominant ones such as this - are always subject to rapid change, so do keep experimenting!

BREAKING NEWS! - Our must-read guide on how to counter Quest Rogue is live on the site now!

Quest Rogue deck list and strategy - May 2017

Here's RDU's deck list for Quest Rogue. We'll keep an eye out for new and improved versions, but this should work out very well for you in the early days of the Un'Goro metagame!

2 x Preparation2 x Wisp
2 x Shadowstep2 x Fire Fly
1 x The Caverns Below2 x Glacial Shard
2 x Gadgetzan Ferryman1 x Patches the Pirate
2 x Youthful Brewmaster2 x Southsea Deckhand
2 x Mimic Pod2 x Stonetusk Boar
2 x Vanish2 x Doomsayer
2 x Novice Engineer
2 x Igneous Elemental

Alternative deck lists:

If your hand is screaming out that you should focus on completing the quest, then double down on doing exactly that. Otherwise you need to spend some time ensuring the enemy's board doesn't get completely out of control. The Mulligan advice below contains a lot of advice for managing these early turns, but we'll add an extra note here: feeble early cards with Charge [can attack on the turn they're played] have considerably greater value once Crystal Core has been activated and you can use them to immediately hit the opponent for five points of damage!

Once the Quest is complete, you need to make a call on whether to keep controlling the board or get the game over fast. Again, a little knowledge of the emerging metagame will help here, but if you're uncertain what the opponent can do to enhance the current board state on the next turn, it's probably correct to smash 'em in the face! (We reserve to withdraw our face-smashing advice in a future update to this guide...)

You're under a lot more pressure in aggressive match-ups really, but in slower ones you can disengage from panic mode a little bit. Whichever bounce target you choose in whatever match-up though, don't let it stay on the board when your turn is over. If it dies and you end up having to chase multiple targets for the quest you'll never get there - not before you die at least...

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More Rogue guides:

Quest Rogue Mulligan guide - May 2017

Your most important keeps in just about any match-up are your bounce cards Youthful Brewmaster and Gadgetzan Ferryman. The latter of course needs a combo activator if you're to gain the ability to call back a minion from the board.

Preparation and Shadowstep are also essential components of both completing the quest and getting Crystal Core activated on the same turn that you have a board presence to actually empower.

As for your bounce target, you don't have to worry too much about keeping one in your starting hand, as you're highly likely to draw one into your hand early on. It's more important to get the supplementary cards together while you have a degree of choice over what you keep.

Quest Rogue tips, combos and synergies - May 2017

Here are the big combos you have at your disposal when playing this particular version of Quest Rogue:

- If you play Southsea Deckhand - and assuming he's still tucked away in your deck pile - Patches the Pirate will put into play for free.

- Note that as Charge cards, both of these minions are much more useful once Crystal Core has been activated. Keep in mind though that you must have a weapon in your hand if the Deckhand's to do battle straight away.

- You can use the following cards to return your quest minion back into your hand: Youthful Brewmaster, Gadgetzan Ferryman, Shadowstep and Vanish.

- Mimic Pod can be used to duplicate a minion that then becomes your quest target. It's a little slow in this regard, but you might just get a Charge minion to use later on in the match.

- Preparation opens up a lot of opportunities to rattle off that quest requirement. As with so many Rogue decks you need to play ahead very carefully. Alternatively it combos amazing well with the actual reward!

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Comment on this article

  • mihailescudumitri02 #1 A month ago
    this deck is awful . Please delete it
    Sign in to reply
  • Bedders #2 A month ago
    @mihailescudumitri02 Sorry I don't agree. I've won more games with this Quest Rogue deck list than any other. What are you having trouble with?
    Sign in to reply
  • precious2789 #3 A month ago
    I've found this deck to be too dependent on you card draw to really work for me. Getting control of the board with wisps, stonetusks, and engineers is a bit of a chore. However if you get a 'god draw' and the stars align it's unbeatable. I always grimace when I'm facing someone with this quest. It seems like they always get the latter.
    Sign in to reply
  • lgemmr #4 28 days ago
    Hate this deck. Only hard counters like pirate warrior can beat it, and nobody wants another agro meta. The quest is too easy to complete and is no fun at all to play against, especially when they get good draws. I'm pretty sick of low-skill agro decks that anybody can play.
    Sign in to reply
  • ahsaya #5 27 days ago
    Against non aggro it's an easy win. But this deck get's absolutely shredded by aggro, or in other words just about every Hunter, Shaman, Pally, and Pirate deck out there.
    Sign in to reply
  • mikekoopmans50 #6 20 days ago
    Loving the deck; it is truly almost unstoppable, with a really high level of consistency. When Un'goro just came out I was having trouble with fast decks and with Taunt Warriors, but now with this list I can wipe the floor with them more often than not. I recommend one change though:

    2x Doomsayer out -> 2x Bilefin Hunter in

    The Taunt can be extremely useful to slow down, say, Pirate Warrior or Midrange Hunter. But even more so: it is a way more useful card when you have completed the quest. Getting Doomsayer when you completed the quest is just plain awful, and slowing down your opponent just a little bit is often more than enough to finish the quest and start pounding.

    Because the deck is so stable now, the goal is just plainly getting to turn 5 and then bring the pain. Even when things don't go as smoothly, the Vanishes have not only provided me with some much needed extra time to finish the quest, it even finished the quest for me a couple of times, creating a clear board and making way for the haste minions. Truly amazing deck, and love the way it plays.
    Sign in to reply
  • Bedders #7 15 days ago
    @mikekoopmans50 I missed this last week sorry! I've seen the Bilefin tip before and need to give it a go. It's definitely picking up in popularity and may well make the next version of the deck.
    Sign in to reply
  • mikekoopmans50 #8 12 days ago
    No worries :). I played a couple of Quest Rogues today with Taunt Warrior and they totally got screwed for having Doomsayer. I even managed to pull one out with Dirty Rat on a full board with the quest already active. OUCH!!! :P

    Loving the Bilefin myself! Taunt is pretty nice, but being able to bounce it and create multiple taunts is even better! Am really interested in seeing how you will like this suggested adjustment.
    Sign in to reply

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