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Hearthstone: Quest Mage deck list guide (Open the Waygate)

Our starting guide to playing the new Open the Waygate Un'Goro deck.

Our Quest Mage guide (Open the Waygate) features the best deck list for Season 37, with Mulligan advice, strategy tips, card combos and synergies.

Quest Mage is a new kind of Hearthstone deck to arrive with the Journey to Un'Goro expansion, and it challenges you to play a total of six spells that didn't form part of your starting deck list. Once you've discovered those new cards and played enough to satisfying the quest requirement, you'll gain the Time Warp card.

When you play this reward card, you'll be able to take your turn all over again. There's plenty of potential for incredible combos as a result, and it seems fair to say that this deck has been designed to take the spot of Freeze Mage, which is now largely irrelevant with Ice Lance taking its place in the Hall of Fame.

It's one of the trickier decks to wrap your head around right now, but in our guide to playing this new archetype you'll find a solid deck list for the start of the new meta (subject to much change, of course, so careful with that crafting dust), some basic Mulligan advice, and a run through all of the combos that actually power the new Quest Mage. This should help you get on top of what makes this deck tick in pretty short order.

Before we do that though, let's have a quick look at the new Un'Goro cards that make this deck work. Our card hover system which lets you preview card links is being updated shortly, but in the meantime we've got a gallery of the cards just below these descriptions.

Open the Waygate: The main card in this deck. You'll need to play a total of six spells that were not part of your starting deck to get the Time Warp reward.

Time Warp: This reward card allows you to take your turn all over again when it's played.

Arcanologist: This card will add a random Secret from your deck to your hand. If you only pack one type of Secret in your deck list, then you're guaranteed to get it.

Primordial Glyph: A 2 Mana spell that gifts a random spell, and also reduces the cost of that spell by 2 Mana.

Molten Reflection: A 4 Mana spell that duplicates a friendly minion you have out on the board.

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Quest Mage (Open the Waygate) deck list and strategy

Here's a pretty typical Quest Mage deck list that you can get started with when the new expansion launches. Note that it will almost certainly go through many revisions in the weeks ahead, so craft with caution please!

2 x Babbling Book1 x Bloodmage Thalnos
1 x Open the Waygate2 x Doomsayer
2 x Arcanologist1 x Loot Hoarder
2 x Frostbolt2 x Kabal Courier
2 x Primordial Glyph1 x Alexstrasza
2 x Arcane Intellect2 x Arcane Giant
2 x Frost Nova
2 x Ice Block
1 x Molten Reflection
1 x Polymorph
2 x Cabalist's Tome
2 x Blizzard

(Take a look at our Un'Goro crafting guide if you want to find out more about the selection process behind some of these cards.)

In very simple terms you need to generate original spells that aren't part of the deck list, control the board, and start drawing through your deck to gain cards like Alexstrasza, along with at least one Arcane Giant and Molten Reflection. This way - and once you've completed the Quest - you can play the Giant, copy it, hit Time Warp, Alexstrasza the enemy hero to 15 Health, and then slam 16 points of damage into the opponent's face.

As with Freeze Mage it's a lot simpler-sounding on paper than it is in live play. We'll have in-depth strategy advice for you once the metagame has settled down, but take a look at the combo section further down the page for advice on how to blend all of these cards together.

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Quest Mage (Open the Waygate) Mulligan guide

Although Mulligan advice is tricky to give at this stage of the metagame you'll not go far wrong by keeping Babbling Book, Arcanologist, Loot Hoarder, Primordial Glyph or Frostbolt. You need card draw, discovery, and control with this deck, and all of those cards assist with at least one of these requirements.

When things have settled down a little and we know what the most powerful decks in the game are, we'll be able to give you some hero specific advice for managing the Mulligan phase. In the meantime, let us know how you're setting up your own starting hands in the comments.

Quest Mage (Open the Waygate) tips, combos and synergies

Make sure you brush up on all of the core combos contained in this deck. Understanding how all of these cards come together will give you a big headstart when you first take this deck to the ladder:

- Arcanologist guarantees you'll draw Ice Block into your hand, as it's the only Secret currently contained in our deck list.

- The following cards are sources of fresh spells that aren't part of your starting deck: Babbling Book, Primordial Glyph, Cabalist's Tome and Kabal Courier. The latter's not guaranteed to grant a spell, however.

- Your finishing combo requires you to get at least one Arcane Giant onto the board that you can copy with Molten Reflection, then play Time Warp, before forcing down the opponent's health to 15 with Alexstrasza. From here your Arcane Giants can wrap things up.

- Frost Nova and Doomsayer can be used together to increase the odds of a total board clear. Blizzard can be used with this minion for a more expensive, similar effect.

- Every spell you cast will reduce the Mana cost of your Arcane Giant(s) by one point. You shouldn't find it too tricky to reduce the cost of these cards to 0 over the course of a game.

- If Bloodmage Thalnos is out on the board, all of your damage-dealing spells will gain an extra point of power.

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