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Hearthstone: Jade Rogue deck list guide - March 2017 (Standard)

How to get started with the latest Rogue deck to arrive with the Gadgetzan metagame.

Our Jade Rogue (Standard) guide features the best deck list for the current meta, with Mulligan advice, strategy tips, card combos and synergies.

Jade Rogue is one of the new decks to arrive with the Gadgetzan metagame, and it is of course built around the many synergies that cause these titular creatures to be summoned. For the uninitiated, the first Jade Golem you bring into play will have base stats of +1 +1. Not very impressive, you might think, but each subsequent copy of this minion will see both stats increased by one point.

Before long you'll find yourself fielding a pretty intimidating board, but it's vital that you consider the possible board clear effects the opponent might have coming for you, and plan the upcoming strengths of your golems accordingly. While the Rogue version of this archetype might not be the most powerful of the lot, it can still provide your opponent with a pretty major headache.

In our Jade Rogue guide, we've got a pretty typical deck list for you to work with, although you can expect many changes to be made to the format in the months ahead. We'll update the list to reflect these changes in due course, but until then you'll find some basic Mulligan advice further down the page, followed up with a look at all of the combos contained in this deck.

Don't forget to let us know in the comments how you're getting on with this very fun new Hearthstone deck!

Editor's note - March 2017 update: There are some very aggressive versions of Jade Rogue in circulation right now, but we feel you should just go pure Aggro Rogue if that's your flavour of Hearthstone right now. We're sticking with this slightly slower version for the final month of the Gadgetzan metagame.

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Jade Rogue (Standard) deck list and strategy - March 2017

There will be lots of different versions of Jade Golem Rogue popping up here and there in the months ahead of us, but we reckon this N'Zoth-powered deck list will give you a pretty good taste of the action.

2 x Backstab1 x Bloodmage Thalnos
2 x Counterfeit Coin1 x Brann Bronzebeard
2 x Preparation1 x Barnes
2 x Journey Below2 x Azure Drake
2 x Eviscerate2 x Gadgetzan Auctioneer
2 x Jade Shuriken1 x N'Zoth, the Corruptor
2 x Jade Swarmer
2 x Sap
1 x Fan of Knives
1 x Shadow Strike
1 x Jade Spirit
2 x Tomb Pillager
1 x Aya Blackpaw

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Jade Rogue (Standard) Mulligan guide - March 2017

It's very difficult to give specific Mulligan advice right now, as the kind of opponent you might be facing is hard to predict at this stage of the expansion's life.

Journey Below is a solid pick though, as it allows you to make a Turn 1 play and hopefully fill out any gaps in your immediate Mana curve. Jade Shuriken and Jade Swarmer let you start the Golem-growing process nice and early on, and so are also solid keeps.

If you've got a Counterfeit Coin in your hand, you can look to hold onto something a little meatier like Jade Spirit or Tomb Pillager - particularly if you're also in possession of a genuine copy of The Coin!

Jade Rogue (Standard) tips, combos and synergies - March 2017

There are lots of new combos to consider with N'Zoth Jade Rogue, so take a little time to familiarise yourself with the following synergies!

- All of your damage spells can be made stronger if you have Bloodmage Thalnos or Azure Drake out on the board.

- Any spells that are played while Gadgetzan Auctioneer is out in play will trigger an extra bonus card being added to your hand free of charge!

- N'Zoth, the Corruptor will summon any expired Deathrattle minions back onto the board. Those minions must have actually been killed off though, not transformed or silenced.

- Brann Bronzebeard causes every Battlecry effect you subsequently play to go off twice.

- If you play the zero Mana cost card Preparation, the next spell you play will cost three Mana less.

- The Jade Golem synergies are very important when playing this deck. Each Jade Golem you summon will increase in stats by +1 / +1 each time. Jade Shuriken, Jade Swarmer, Jade Spirit and Aya Blackpaw are all connected with this creature - plan ahead carefully.

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