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Hearthstone: Quest Beast Druid deck list guide (Jungle Giants) - Hearthstone

Our guide to playing the new Quest Beast Druid deck that's about to hit Hearthstone.

Our Quest Beast Druid guide (Jungle Giants) features the best deck list for Season 37, with Mulligan advice, strategy tips, card combos and synergies.

Quest Beast Druid is a Hearthstone deck that's built around the Druid's new Jungle Giants Quest card. You'll always receive this card in your opening hand, and once it's out in play you'll be set off on a challenge to summon 5 minions with 5 or more points of Attack power. In our guide to this new archetype, we'll explain how to play it using Trump's initial version of the deck.

This is essentially an evolution of the well-established Beast Druid archetype, although it now of course has some very clear requirements for success. Alongside the central Quest, you'll be looking to buff up your Beasts to control the board, and do whatever damage you can to your opponent's health pool!

First let's take a look at the new cards from the Un'Goro set, and what their impact is on proceedings. We'll have card hovers working for you shortly, but in the meantime you can see a gallery of each one just below the descriptions. You should also expect many revisions to this format in the coming weeks.

Jungle Giants: As the Quest card, this is the most important card in the deck. Once played, your Quest commences and you need to play a total of 5 minions with 5 or more Attack to gain Barnabus the Stomper. This always shows up in your opening hand.

Barnabus the Stomper: Your reward for completing Jungle Giants is a 5 Mana 8/8 Beast. When it's played, the cost of the remaining minions in your deck is reduced to 0.

Tortollan Forager: This adds a random minion with 5 or more Attack to your hand, and has obvious synergy with the Quest card.

Elder Longneck: While this 5 Attack minion has some wobbly Health (1!), it does go through the stat-enhancing Adapt process when played, and it also contributes to the Quest. You need another 5 Attack minion in your hand to kick the Adapt off though.

Shellshifter: This card can be played as a 5/3 Stealth Beast (with obvious Quest synergy), or as a 3/5 Taunt which is great against aggro.

Giant Wasp: This Stealth minion has the Poisonous characteristic, which means it can kill anything it touches.

Bittertide Hydra: A 5 Mana 8/8 which damages you for 3 points each time it takes damage.

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Quest Beast Druid (Jungle Giants) deck list and strategy

You can expect the Quest Beast Druid deck list to go through many revisions in the coming weeks, but if you have these cards then you're good to get started! Just be a little careful when it comes to spending crafting dust, because every Un'Goro deck list should be considered experimental at this stage.

2 x Innervate2 x Giant Wasp
2 x Enchanted Raven2 x Bittertide Hydra
1 x Jungle Giants2 x Stranglethorn Tiger
2 x Mark of Y'Shaarj
2 x Tortollan Forager
2 x Wrath
2 x Elder Longneck
2 x Shellshifter
2 x Swipe
2 x Lunar Visions
2 x Nourish
2 x Menagerie Warden
1 x Ancient of Lore

Alternative deck lists:

The Quest element of playing this deck is pretty self-explanatory, and it's a little hard to provide comprehensive strategy advice until we know what the shape of the metagame looks like. In very broad terms, however, you want to trigger your Quest (which automatically shows up in your starting hand) on Turn 1, then start fielding and buffing your weaker Beast minions while controlling the board.

Innervate will allow you to dig into your 5 Attack minions a little earlieron than you might have otherwise been able to, or simply buff a smaller minion up faster. Don't forget that the Menagerie Warden summon also counts towards your Quest progress - Stranglethorn Tiger is a great target for this minion, as it not only advances your Quest, it also duplicates a creature with Stealth.

We'll expand on this section of our Quest Beast Druid guide considerably in the coming weeks, but for now this should help you get off to a good start. Check the tips and combos section further down the page for an idea of how to squeeze more efficiency out of this deck.

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Quest Beast Druid (Jungle Giants) Mulligan guide

While it will be very tough to give hero-specific Mulligan advice for the first few weeks of the Un'Goro expansion, we'll try to give you some starting tips.

Innervate is always a must-keep, and in fact determines how much weight you can afford to keep in your opening hand. You want to start the process of drawing into your 5 Attack creatures as early as possible (so any cards that do this around the 2-3 Mana cost are fine), but don't discount the possibility of keeping a different kind of low-cost minion that can be buffed up.

We'll have much more advice for you on this front when we next come to update this first edition of our guide to a very new archetype!

Quest Beast Druid (Jungle Giants) tips, combos and synergies

This is a new deck for everyone to wrap their heads around, so it's worth spending some time familiarising yourself with the many combos contained within it:

Innervate is a free spell that allows you to spend two extra points of Mana on the turn it's played.

- Every 5 Attack minion that's played from your hand or summoned onto the board will count towards the progress of Jungle Giants. Consider cards like Tortollan Forager, Elder Longneck, Shellshifter, Bittertide Hydra and Stranglethorn Tiger.

- Using Menagerie Warden on a 5 Attack minion will tick another creature off your Jungle Giants list.

- Mark of Y'Shaarj can buff any class of card, but if it's a Beast you'll get an extra drop of card draw as well.

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    There will be many, many changes to these deck lists in the next few weeks but I'd rather give people a starting point that they can play around with. I'll probably add extra pages of alternative decks in the near future, and swap them in if they're prove to be much better.
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