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Freeze Mage deck list guide - July 2017 - Hearthstone

Our guide to climbing the ladder using the best Freeze Mage deck in Season 40.

Our Freeze Mage deck guide features the best deck list for Season 39, with Mulligan advice, strategy tips, card combos and synergies.

Freeze Mage is one of those Hearthstone decks that's been popular in one form or another since the very earliest days of the game's beta period. Despite elements of the deck being nerfed around launch, nothing seemed capable of dampening the enthusiasm for the playstyle. Since then, the community has continued to tweak the format with every expansion that arrives, ensuring its longevity throughout the game's life.

The loss of Emperor Thaurissan in the recent set rotation - not to mention the banishing of Ice Lance to the Hall of Fame - should have spelled the end of Freeze Mage once and for all in Un'Goro. Against all odds, however, the deck has continued to thrive in the competitive metagame, and is currently a top tier deck to pilot on the ladder. It seems like nothing is capable of stopping this juggernaut!

If the deck's changed a lot since its original incarnation, one thing that hasn't changed is its fiddly nature. Those who are new to Hearthstone, or just don't have a lot of experience with the archetype, will find it hard to adapt to the levels of patience required to pilot this deck effectively.

That's where our Freeze Mage guide comes in. First of all we've highlighted what we believe is the best Freeze Mage deck list you can utilise right now. After that you'll find hero by hero advice on Mulliganing your opening hand, before we look at the strategy involved in playing this deck. Finally, we've stripped down all of the combos in this particular version of the deck, which should help you understand why it's such an evergreen powerhouse on the competitive ladder.

Editor's note - July 2017: It looks like Freeze Mage has stabilised into its final form for the Un'Goro metagame, and so we've made no changes this month to our recommended deck list. Few would have guessed that this archetype would survive the Year of the Mammoth rotation, but it's proving remarkably powerful in the competitive game. Let us know how you're getting on with it in the comments.

(For the Wild version of this deck, make sure you take a look at our Wild Freeze Mage deck list and guide)

BREAKING NEWS!A new expansion is coming! Check out our Frozen Throne cards and Frozen Throne guide pages for all the latest information.

Freeze Mage deck list and strategy - July 2017

While all of the Un'Goro decks continue to go through a process of refinement, we believe this is probably the best Freeze Mage deck list you can play right now:

2 x Arcanologist1 x Bloodmage Thalnos
2 x Frostbolt2 x Doomsayer
2 x Medivh's Valet1 x Loot Hoarder
2 x Primordial Glyph2 x Acolyte of Pain
2 x Arcane Intellect1 x Alexstrasza
2 x Frost Nova
2 x Ice Barrier
2 x Ice Block
2 x Fireball
2 x Blizzard
1 x Archmage Antonidas
1 x Flamestrike
1 x Pyroblast

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAc2xAgb7AcUE7QXsB7gIvwgMigHAAbsCyQOrBMsE7QSWBfsM17YCwcECmMQCAA==

Alternative deck lists:

As a Freeze Mage your game plan revolves around stalling your opponent's board development with big board clears, while at the same time using your card-drawing skills and minions to fatten up your hand with your core win-conditions.

Combos like Frost Nova/Blizzard and Doomsayer allow you to - typically - wipe whatever's out on the board, and frustrate the opponent's progress. If the game gets away from you, you have a pair of Ice Blocks which need to be played proactively in a post-Mad Scientist game.

As for the win-conditions we've mentioned, your goal has been simplified somewhat in recent months. Alexstrasza is used to bring your opponent straight down to 15 Health, a move you can then follow up on with burst damage. Consider the extra Fireballs generated by Archmage Antonidas, for example, or the huge volley of damage provided by Pyroblast. Bloodmage Thalnos provides additional spell enhancement as well.

The route you choose towards victory will depend a huge amount on the cards you happen to draw, the opponent you happen to face, and the state of your Mana curve. This is not an easy deck to play at all, and learning how to navigate safely towards your win-condition is something that only experience can really teach you.


Here's a handful of extra tips which should help you take your Freeze Mage game to the next level:

  • You can afford to delay playing Ice Block for quite some time, so if you've three Man to spare and it's a choice of this spell or Ice Barrier, take the latter.
  • Don't forget that you accelerate your card-draw and gain additional value from Acolyte of Pain, simply by using your hero power on the minion. This will almost certainly result in you achieveing at least two extra cards from the minion.
  • If you're in the late-game, have Mana to burn (no pun intended), and you need a specific card, don't forget that you can ping Acolyte of Pain, Loot Hoarder or Bloodmage Thalnos with your hero power. Just be sure that extra thing you need isn't spell power before you kill that final character though!

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More great Mage guides:

Freeze Mage Mulligan guide - July 2017

Your early game with Freeze Mage is all about stalling your opponent while drawing into your deck. Now that the Un'Goro metagame has fully settled down, we can provide you with some hero-specific advice:

  • Druid - Arcanologist, Doomsayer, Loot Hoarder, Primordial Glyph
  • Hunter - Arcanologist, Doomsayer, Loot Hoarder, Frostbolt
  • Mage - Arcanologist, Doomsayer, Loot Hoarder, Acolyte of Pain
  • Paladin - Arcanologist, Doomsayer, Loot Hoarder, Frostbolt
  • Priest - Arcanologist, Doomsayer, Loot Hoarder, Acolyte of Pain, Arcane Intellect
  • Rogue - Arcanologist, Doomsayer, Loot Hoarder, Acolyte of Pain
  • Shaman - Arcanologist, Doomsayer, Loot Hoarder, Acolyte of Pain
  • Warlock - Arcanologist, Doomsayer, Loot Hoarder, Frostbolt, Acolyte of Pain
  • Warrior - Arcanologist, Doomsayer, Loot Hoarder, Frostbolt

One extra tips that we'll add to the above. If you're absolutely sure you're up against aggro, consider keeping Medivh's Valet as well. That extra three points of damage with a Secret in play can really swing the tide of battle in your favour.

Freeze Mage tips, combos and synergies - July 2017

There's lots to think about at every stage of every match with the Freeze Mage. Here are some of the most important combos to keep in mind as each game plays out:

- Medivh's Valet will allow you to do 3 points of damage to a target when it's played, but only if you have an active Secret at the time.

- Bloodmage Thalnos requires you to do your maths and plan out your turns carefully, particularly in the more complex late stages of the game. Don't miss lethal by a whisker because you failed to factor in his fractional extra spell damage.

- Doomsayer can be used with your freeze effects (Frost Nova / Blizzard) to set up a nice board clear, but keep in mind that the wipe is not guaranteed. If your opponent can Silence or assassinate this character, the effect won't trigger!

- Primordial Glyph doesn't just reward you with a random spell, it also reduces the cost of that spell by 2 Mana.

- It makes sense to save your burn damage until after Alexstrasaza has set the enemy hero's health to 15 - she raises it up as well as down!

- If Archmage Antonidas is on the board, every spell you cast will cause a bonus Fireball card to be added to your hand.

Finally, here's Trump outlining the fundamentals of playing Freeze Mage as part of his Trump Teaching Deck series.

Keep in mind that the deck list itself won't be the same as that found in the current metagame, but the core playing principles remain relevant.

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