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Hearthstone: Control Priest deck list guide - May 2017

Our guide to playing the latest version of Control Priest in Season 38.

Our Control Priest deck guide has the best deck list for Season 38, with Mulligan advice, strategy tips, card combos and synergies.

Control Priest is a Hearthstone deck archetype that looks to lock down the early and mid stages of every match it finds itself in. The Priest's restorative hero power helps to maintain a very sticky board presence,as it often ensures your minions live to fight more days that they otherwise would! It's quite a slow deck to play all things considered, but it should suit those who are happy for a leisurely but assured climb up the ladder.

In our Control Priest guide, we've highlighted one of the most popular deck lists being piloted right now, and provided some basic Mulligan advice for getting your matches off to a good start. After that we've broken down all of the combos available to you if you decide to use our recommended deck list.

We'll add to this guide in time, but please let us know in the comments if you have any questions about playing the deck. We'll do our best to help.

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Editor's note - May 2017: Quite a lot's changed for Control Priest since we last updated this guide back in December. For that reason you'd be wise to brush up on all of the fine detail quite carefully if you're returning from a break. There are also quite a few different versions of this deck in use right now, and we're highlighting just one of the most popular versions.

Control Priest deck list and strategy - May 2017

There are so many different versions of Control Priest in circulation right now that it's very difficult to pick out the one true definitive version. This is a pretty solid deck list though, and we think it should make an excellent starting point for anyone looking to explore the archetype.

2 x Circle of Healing2 x Wild Pyromancer
2 x Inner Fire2 x Acolyte of Pain
2 x Northshire Cleric2 x Injured Blademaster
2 x Potion of Madness
2 x Power Word: Shield
2 x Divine Spirit
2 x Radiant Elemental
2 x Shadow Visions
2 x Shadow Word: Pain
2 x Kabal Talonpriest
1 x Shadow Word: Death
2 x Priest of the Feast
1 x Lyra the Sunshard

As with all Control Priest decks, the objective is to take charge of every match during the early and mid sections of the game, and by making clever use of your powerful removal spells, and minions which can be healed up to fight another day. Rather than outlining the nitty gritty behind playing each one, we recommend you study the combo section at the bottom of the page so you can respond flexibly towards whatever your opponent presents you with.

If you can maintain even some kind of board presence into the late-game then you'll actually be pretty well set up to get over the finishing line, just through out-valuing your opponent. Don't forget the devastating impact of your Inner Fire and Divine Spirit combo though. These spells can be combined to create an absolute monster on the board.

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Control Priest Mulligan guide - May 2017

Radiant Elemental is a hugely important keep for this particular version of Control Priest, as it has such a huge effect on any of the many spells you're likely to draw into. The value of Northshire Cleric goes up a great deal if you have Power Word: Shield as well. Circle of Healing and Injured Blademaster is another common combo.

As for basic spells, Shadow Word: Pain is almost always worth holding onto, while Potion of Madness well help you slow down aggro decks in particular. If you're confident you're up against an aggro deck, you'll also find Wild Pyromancer useful, but you obviously want to play a spell alongside it.

When we next update this guide, we'll break this section of our Control Priest guide down with recommendations for every hero in the game.

Control Priest tips, combos and synergies - May 2017

There are some important combos to keep in mind when playing with the latest take on Control Priest. You'll find the most crucial ones in our round-up here:

- A classic finishing play involves applying Divine Spirit to a heavy minion, then boosting its attack power up wither Inner Fire. Power Word: Shield can also be used to feed this process.

- If you've a busy board, you can draw a large number of cards by damaging your minions slightly before dropping Northshire Cleric and Circle of Healing.

- Each spell you cast while Radiant Elemental is out on the board will cost one Mana less.

- If Wild Pyromancer is in play, any spells you cast will cause a point of damage to be inflicted against both friendly and enemy minions alike. Note that the effect of the spell will be applied before the damage.

- Each spell you cast while Priest of the Feast is out on the board will see your health increased by three points.

- Lyra the Sunshard will pop a randomly selected Priest spell into your hand, every time you cast a different spell.

Comment on this article

  • benrubinstein65 #1 13 days ago
    Interesting that this doesn't run anything like Medivh/Free from Amber. They seem to be a much more reliable win condition than Lyra.
    Sign in to reply
  • Phoenix4217 #2 2 days ago
    There's a few reasons it doesn't run Medivh:
    1. The primary reason is... it's not really control priest. It's OTK priest (divine spirit/inner fire combo), you win nearly all your games that way. However, it is possible to value them via smart trades, healing, and Lyra, but it's difficult to say the least. It is consistent, I'd say beyond a meme deck, but... only three removal spells isn't really very control deck-y.
    2. Secondly, even if you argue OTK priest is control priest, the deck receives a lot of variance (in terms of deck build). This version is pretty miracle priest like (as mentioned before), so it runs lots of card draw (8 cards, 2 Acolytes of Pain, 2 Northshire cleric, 2 Circle of Healing, 2 Wild Pyromancer, though Circle and Pyro do other stuff too), the divine spirit inner fire package (4 cards plus assorted health buffs like PW:S and Kabal Talon Priest), big minions to buff up (literally all of the minions either draw cards, buff health, or have a lot of health), control spells (only three, Potion of Madness, SW:P and SW:D, though there's only one of the last one), Shadow Visions for consistency, and Lyra as a bail out/inner fire target. Fills your entire deck- no room for Medivh unless you completely change the outlook- which is perfectly doable and probably effective. But if you were to run Medivh you'd need him, x2 Free from Amber, and then probably some more high cost spells like Dragon Fire potion or maybe a mind control- stuff that there is no room for in the current deck goal. Turns out your most expensive spell costing 3 just doesn't cut it for Medivh...
    3. Finally, Lyra isn't the win condition- really its a tech card as 1(occasionally last minute desperate effort, 2(value matchups, 3(it's just a really good card, and 4(two shadow word death is unnecessary in this type of deck- the opponents usually dead by turn 6 (which makes Medivh too slow anyway), and 5(Lyra's primary purpose in the deck is to get stuff done without using resources- clear the opponents board, buff your minions, etc. all without using your essential divine spirits and inner fires- not exactly a win condition, just something to keep you going.
    Sorry about how long that is- I really love this deck so far- made it fairly recently and can't stop playing it. Best part is, its cheap, which is nice 'cause I can't afford too very many cards. When I played it though, I got a pretty good win-rate (and recognizable misplays when I didn't) but really only doing a divine spirit thing. So I suppose I'll find out how far it takes me.
    TL;DR: This deck is actually miracle OTK Priest, not control- Medivh is far too slow and cannot fit in the deck- besides, Lyra isn't a win condition in this scenario.
    Sign in to reply
  • sassysnackpack #3 8 hours ago
    Replacements for Lyra? I know Lyra is a really good card, but is it essential to this deck, any replacements?
    Sign in to reply

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