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Hearthstone: Aggro Shaman deck list guide - May 2017

Our updated guide to playing the best Aggro Shaman deck list in Season 38.

Our Aggro Shaman deck guide features the best deck list for Season 38, with Mulligan advice, strategy tips, card combos and synergies.

Aggro Shaman is a Hearthstone deck which specialises in taking an extremely aggressive approach to every match, and doesn't waste any time whittling down the opponent's health pool. You've got great early-game presence thanks to some powerful Overload synergies, and lots of ways of punching above your weight in order to put the opponent under unbearable pressure. Although it's fallen out of favour a lot in the Un'Goro metagame, it's still good for rattling through relevant Daily Quests.

Even if there are stronger decks for the hero rigth now, our Aggro Shaman guide features a well-optimised deck list for you to get started with. We've also got a guide to prospering at each stage of the game, as well as some advice on how to Mulligan this new version of the deck. Finally, we've a breakdown of all the most powerful card combos you have at your disposal.

Editor's note - May 2017 Update: Aggro Shaman really has hit the competitive skids over the last month or so, but who could say it didn't have it's time in the sun? This is still a good way of busting through certain Daily Quests though, and so we thought it was worth updating our guide with a deck list that's reasonably well-suited for the Un'Goro era. Just don't expect any materials

(For the Wild version of this deck, make sure you take a look at our Wild Aggro Shaman deck list and guide)

Aggro Shaman deck list and strategy - May 2017

Aggro Shaman isn't a particularly strong deck right now, but this is probably the best deck list for the archetype in the current metagame:

2 x Lightning Bolt2 x Bloodsail Corsair
2 x Flametongue Totem2 x Fire Fly
2 x Jade Claws1 x Patches the Pirate
2 x Maelstrom Portal1 x Southsea Deckhand
2 x Feral Spirit1 x Bloodmage Thalnos
2 x Lava Burst
2 x Mana Tide Totem
2 x Flamewreathed Faceless
2 x Jade Lightning
2 x Hammer of Twilight
1 x Aya Blackpaw
2 x Thing from Below

No prizes for guessing that you want to take an extremely aggressive stance when it comes to playing out this kind of Shaman deck. Once you've got minions out on the board, you can then look to use your tempo-boosting cards to either keep your opponent out of the game, or just push furious damage into their face and get over the finishing line before they can build up an adequate response to your pressure.

There are plenty of different early-game plays you can make to achieve this, but there's not much more strategy to consider than that! The devil, however, is in the detail – make sure you familiarise yourself thoroughly with the Mulligan process described further down this page, as well as the various card combos that make this deck tick.

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Aggro Shaman Mulligan guide - May 2017

Against aggressive opponents, play for cards like Jade Claws, Fire Fly and Maelstrom Portal. If you're up against a weapon-wielding class - particularly Warrior right now - then Bloodsail Corsair is another great keep.

In control match-ups where you might expect to go up against beefier minions on the board, the same general advice applies but you'll get more benefit from a Flametongue Totem than Maelstrom Portal.

If this deck improves in popularity, we'll update this section of our guide with hero-specific advice. Those general principles should see you through the Mulligan process pretty adequately though!

Aggro Shaman tips, combos and synergies - May 2017

Here are the card combos you need to be aware of when playing this deck:

-Plan your minion positioning carefully. If you need to clear a heavy obstacle on the board, you might need to trade in multiple minions who gain the effect of Flametongue Totem one after the other.

- As long as he's in your deck rather than your hand, Patches the Pirate will be put on the board automatically when you play either Bloodsail Corsair or Southsea Deckhand.

- Southsea Deckhand can attack on the same turn he's played if you have a weapon in your hand at the time. Otherwise he'll have to wait for the next turn.

- The following spells are increased in strength for as long as Bloodmage Thalnos is on the board: Lightning Bolt, Maesltrom Portal, Lava Burst, Jade Lightning.

- The first Jade Golem you summon to the board will have 1/1 stats, the second 2/2, the third 3/3 and so on. The following cards are all capable of summoning these creatures: Jade Claws, Jade Lightning and Aya Blackpaw.

- Thing from Below becomes cheaper with every totem you play, whether those are hero power totems or card-based totems.

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