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Hearthstone: Aggro Water Rogue deck list guide - March 2017 (Standard)

How to climb the ladder using the powerful Aggro Water Rogue in Season 36.

Aggro Water Rogue is a deck that packs in plenty of Pirate-classed minions alongside a feast of fishy Murlocs. It then seeks to deliver a relentless stream of damage into the opponent's health pool, so as to finish the match off as quickly as possible.

Every expansion seems to bring this archetype back to the fore for a little while before it drifts back out of popularity again, but a handful of recent nerfs elsewhere have raised this deck's perceived power a great deal as we head towards the end of the Gadgetzan metagame.

In our Aggro Water Rogue guide, we've got a pretty solid deck list for you to get started with, although keep in mind that there'll likely be quite a few refinements to the format over the next month or so. This current deck list represents quite a change for the archetype, after all.

After that though we've got some suggestions for surviving the Mulligan phase, before we break down the most important card combos that you need to keep in mind as every game plays out. Do take some time to get up to speed on all of these, so you're aware of all the latest changes.

Got any questions about playing this deck? Let us know in the comments and we'll do our best to help you get on top of things!

Have fun playing the deck, and don't forget to let us know your own tips for climbing the ladder in the comments!

Editor's note - March Update: The nerf to Small-Time Buccaneer has forced quite a few changes for Aggro Water Rogue, but arguably made it much stronger in the process. There's a distinctly fishy flavour to be found in the most popular deck list this month, so make sure you brush up on all of the new Murloc synergies! The combo section towards the bottom of the page has also been significantly overhauled to accommodate the many changes to this deck.

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Aggro Water Rogue (Standard) deck list and strategy - March 2017

This is what we believe to be the best deck list for Aggro Water Rogue in Season 36. Things have been shaken up a bit since the recent round of card nerfs, so make sure you update your in-game list and also brush up on the card combos further down the page!

2 x Backstab1 x Argent Squire
1 x Shadowstep1 x Patches the Pirate
2 x Cold Blood2 x Southsea Deckhand
2 x Swashburglar2 x Bluegill Warrior
2 x Eviscerate1 x Argent Horserider
1 x Edwin VanCleef1 x Jungle Panther
2 x SI:7 Agent2 x Murloc Warleader
1 x Shaku, the Collector1 x Naga Corsair
1 x Dark Iron Skulker2 x Azure Drake
1 x Finja, the Flying Star
1 x Leeroy Jenkins
1 x The Curator

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Aggro Water Rogue (Standard) Mulligan guide - March 2017

Here's a hero-by-hero look at the cards you should think about prioritising for your starting hand.

  • Druid - Argent Squire, Finja, the Flying Star, Shaku, the Collector, SI:7 Agent, Southsea Deckhand, Swashburglar
  • Hunter - Argent Squire, Backstab, Finja, the Flying Star, SI:7 Agent, Southsea Deckhand, Swashburglar
  • Mage - Argent Squire, Backstab, Finja, the Flying Star, SI:7 Agent, Southsea Deckhand, Swashburglar
  • Paladin - Argent Squire, Finja, the Flying Star, Shaku, the Collector, Southsea Deckhand, SI:7 Agent, Swashburglar
  • Priest - Argent Squire, Backstab, Finja, the Flying Star, SI:7 Agent, Southsea Deckhand, Swashburglar
  • Rogue - Argent Squire, Backstab, Shaku, the Collector, SI:7 Agent, Southsea Deckhand, Swashburglar
  • Shaman - Argent Squire, Backstab, Finja, the Flying Star, SI:7 Agent, Southsea Deckhand, Swashburglar
  • Warlock - Argent Squire, Finja, the Flying Star, Shaku, the Collector, SI:7 Agent, Southsea Deckhand, Swashburglar
  • Warrior - Argent Squire, Backstab, SI:7 Agent, Southsea Deckhand, Swashburglar

Aggro Water Rogue (Standard) tips, combos and synergies - March 2017

There are lots of new combos to keep in mind with this new zippy Rogue deck. Here are the most important ones you need to be aware of:

- When Finja, the Flying Star kills a minion she'll pull two random Murlocs from your deck and onto the board. Getting this effect to go off just the once is more than powerful enough, so don't worry too much about getting multiple pulls.

- Murloc Warleader provides all other Murlocs on the board with extra stats, but the effect disappears if the Warleader dies.

- There are lots of good targets for Shadowstep to tap, but consider in particular the value of combo-ing this card with Swashburglar, Dark Iron Skulker, Azure Drake, SI:7 Agent or Shaku, the Collector.

- Cold Blood is great for increasing the damage output of any minion, but it plays particularly nicely with Argent Horserider or Argent Squire due to the protective bubble these minions have. The former can also make an immediate impact on the board thanks to its charging ability.

- If Patches the Pirate is somewhere in your deck - not your hand - then playing any other Pirate card will cause him to be brought into play as well. Don't be too quick to hit that End Turn button!

- Again, if you have a Dragon, Beast or Murloc card remaining in your deck, The Curator will pull one of each into your hand.

- Azure Drake increases the output of your spell damage cards by one point and will do so for as long as the Dragon remains out on the board.

- If you want to get the extra weapon damage of Naga Corsair, don't forget to use your Hero Power first!

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  • HeavyPlastic #1 3 months ago
    Is Shaku worth crafting for this deck?
    Like, is it really needed? If not, what are some ok replacements?

    Sign in to reply
  • Bedders #2 2 months ago
    @HeavyPlastic Hey sorry for the delay in replying to this. I was away for a little while.

    I'd be wary of crafting anything with a new expansion on the way to be honest. No one can tell you what a competitive deck will be in a month from now, so if you've limited crafting dust I think it's best to stick to what you can build.
    Sign in to reply
  • levimapes65 #3 2 months ago
    This deck list is no longer viable unless playing wild. But I'm sure azure drake and skulker can be replaced to make this deck still usable.
    Sign in to reply
  • Bedders #4 2 months ago
    @levimapes65 Hi ya. This one is on the list for an update but it's been pretty frantic in recent days as you can probably imagine! It'll be updated in the next few days I'm sure.
    Sign in to reply

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