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Destiny 2: Guide

Everything you need to know about Bungie’s shooter sequel.

Our regularly updated Destiny 2 guide contains everything that’s currently known about Bungie’s upcoming sequel.

Bungie will be following up it's 2014 smash hit Destiny with a direct sequel towards the end of this year.

Although there's only so much to go on until the game actually launches, we wanted to put together a Destiny 2 guide that contains absolutely everything you could possibly want to know about the sequel, whether you’re a veteran of the first game or you’re coming to the franchise completely cold this time around. With the sequel making its debut on the PC platform, we imagine there’s actually quite a few of you in that latter group!

Our Destiny 2 guide was originally built around publicly released information such as the release date, platform information and the scraps of information that have been gleaned from the assorted trailers. Following the big gameplay reveal event though, we've been able to update this core guide considerably, and have continued doing so in the wake of the new information that's emerged at E3 this year.

Looking beyond the Activision hype machine, once the expected beta goes live we’ll start the process of adding comprehensive gameplay guides to this very article, covering every last aspect of Destiny 2. Given the size and scope of the undertaking, we’ll have to create separate articles for each area of the game, although rest assured you’ll be able to access them all through links posted right here.

Here, then, is the latest edition of our Destiny 2 guide, designed to get you up to speed with all of the basics of the game. Expect significant updates to this article over time.

Editor's note: Update #3 - We've got a mixtures of new guides and updated guides in the latest update:

- Our Legendary Weapons guide now contains some additional weapons in this category. Check the link in the appropriate section for more details.

- Likewise our Exotic Weapons now contains extra entries and is well worth checking out if you want a look at the very best weapons that will be available in Destiny 2. Expect more updates in the days and weeks ahead.

- In the Campaign section you'll now see a link to our guide to The Farm, which is the new social space in Destiny 2, what with that whole business of The Tower being obliterated...

- Finally, we've added a comprehensive guide to all of the abilities that will be available to the Hunter Arcstrider. You'll find a link to that new guide in the class section of this article.

Destiny 2 gameplay reveal livestream

First things first, if you missed the recent livestream you can watch it in its entirety here. This contains pretty much everything that's now known about the game:

If you just want to know what's different to the first game, take a look at our guide on that very subject.

Destiny 2 release date

Destiny 2's original release date has been brought forwards two days, and the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions will now launch on Wednesday 6th September 2017.

The PC version - available exclusively through Activision Blizzard's launcher - will be released around a month and a half later on Tuesday 24th October.

Destiny 2 story, campaign and setting

The story of Destiny 2 begins with an invasion of the original game's Tower player hub by the Red Legion, led by a character called Lord Ghaul. Our Homecoming guide contains a complete video walkthrough of this first mission if you'd like a taster of what's to come.

After the attack, players are forced to flee the city, losing their Light power to Ghaul in the process, and kissing all of their hard-earned loot goodbye in the process. Thus, Bungie ensures that old and new players alike start off on an equal footing.

The events that follow this invasion will take place across four different zones:

Earth is approximately twice the size of any previous zone that the team released for Destiny 1. There will be forests, caves and abandoned towns in the explorable area known as the European Dead Zone.

- Our Earth guide contains everything we currently know about this zone.

Io is a moon of Jupiter and something of a sacred place for the game's Warlock class. Expect much lore to be uncovered here, and it's the new home of Ikora Rey who is the Vanguard - or leader - of the Warlocks.

- Take a look through our Io guide for info, screenshots, trailers and more.

Nessus has been almost entirely over-run by the Vex faction, and is packed full of unique vegetation and sweeping canyons. In the wake of the apocalyptic introduction, the Hunter's Vanguard Cayde-6 has set up his base on this planet.

- See our Nessus guide for all of the latest, breaking information about this zone.

Titan is a moon of Saturn and effectively one big ocean. There's no land-mass whatsoever here, just huge rolling waves with platform outposts dotted precariously within it. The Titan's Vanguard (appropriately enough) is based here and goes by the name of Commander Zavala.

- Visit our growing Titan guide for more details on what to expect from this world.

There's a new social space for Destiny 2 as well. Now that The Tower's been destroyed, you'll be doing your socialising at a place called The Farm, located in the European Dead Zone region of Earth.

Here's the Worlds of Destiny 2 trailer that was recently released by Bungie:

We've got a hub page up and running for each zone which highlights everything that we currently know about them all. Right now that information is quite limited, but once we've had experience with the beta and the live game, we'll be filling them out with guides to every single mission and activity that's available on each one.

What exactly will those activities amount to though? We know there'll be a Story Campaign, Adventures, Patrols, Lost Sectors, Quests and Public Events. Check out our Destiny 2: Campaign guide for more information on what all these activities entail.

Although there's not much detail to go on, we've learned enough to fire up the first edition of our Lost Sectors guide - check it out for the lowdown on what this new type of activity is all about.

Destiny 2 Strikes

Multiplayer Strikes are coming back in Destiny 2. We don't yet know how many there'll be in total, but take a look at our Inverted Spire guide for a closer look at the one that was available at the recent hands-on event for the game.

We've also just had confirmation at E3 of a brand new Strike called Lake of Shadows. This co-op content will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 owners until at least Fall 2018, and is set in the European Dead Zone region of Earth. Take a look at our Lake of Shadows guide for all the latest information, and some sumptuous screenshots to drool over.

In time, you'll be able to find guides for each one from this section of our core Destiny 2 guide. To find out more about what Strikes are and why you'll want to run 'em, make sure you look through our Destiny 2: Strikes guide

Destiny 2 classes and subclasses

It has been confirmed that all three of the original game’s classes will be making a return in Destiny 2. These are the Hunter, Warlock and Titan.

Each will receive a new subclass in Destiny 2. The Hunter's new subclass is the Arcstriker, the Warlock's is the Dawnblade and the Titan's is called Sentinel.

The Hunter's original Gunslinger subclass is making a return, as is the Titan's Striker. Both have been reworked and we are in the processing producing guides to all of these subclasses:

If you want to get an overview of all things to do with Destiny 2's Guardians, check out our core Class and Subclass guide page.

Destiny 2 weapons and armour

As welcome as many of the changes for Destiny 2 are, it's all about the armour and weapon loot when it comes to playing the game for the long haul.

We're assured there will be a disgusting number of new items to grind out in the sequel, and you can find a rundown of the best weapons we're currently aware of in our Exotic Weapons guide. Expect that to grow a great deal as we approach the beta and the live game. We've just added details of Borealis - the PlayStation 4 exclusive Exotic - to that very guide, and it's a beauty.

Of course there's no point packing the best weapons in the game if you're going to drop at the first hint of damage. Fortunately there's some equivalently powerful armour to go along with this weaponry, and our Exotic Armour guide has all the latest information.

We've also produced a Legendary weapons guide and a Legendary armour guide for you to peruse. Again, these will be updated over time but contain everything that's currently known about this item tier.

A quick note on how weapon slots are going to work going forwards. No longer will you have Primary, Secondary and Heavy weapon slots to play around with. Instead you'll be able to pack a Kinetic, Energy and a Power weapon.

Intriguingly, it also looks as though we're going to be able to mod and re-skin our weapons in the sequel as well. Details are a little sparse right now, but our Weapon Mods guide is well worth checking out if you want to know what's what with this fascinating new feature that should help you stand out in battle.

Destiny 2 Crucible PVP

Destiny's Crucible PVP [player-versus-player] is now limited to teams of four, and there's a new Crucible attack and defend mode known as Countdown. You can take a look at our Destiny 2: Crucible guide for all the latest news on this area of the game.

Separately, we also have a Midtown guide which covers the brand-new map, and a Countdown guide which focuses directly on the incredibly tense new PVP game mode!

Planning to play Destiny 2 on PlayStation 4? Good news for you, then, as you'll be able to get stuck into an exclusive PVP map for at least one year following the release of the game. Our Retribution guide contains everything we currently know about this exciting new battleground.

Destiny 2 Clans and matchmaking

A new Clan system is coming to the game, which will allow players to create permanent in-game groups for themselves and their friends.

What if you need an extra person for your team though and no-one's available? The Guided Games system lets you advertise your spot, and allows others to see people currently looking for an extra pair of hands.

Our Destiny 2 Clan guide has all the latest information about this exciting new development for the social side of the game. We've also just popped a new video explainer into that article, so you can get up to speed nice and quickly.

Destiny 2 beta

Pre-ordering Destiny 2 at certain retailers will reward you with a key which grants access to the upcoming beta.

At E3 we learned that the beta would begin on PlayStation 4 on Tuesday 18th July, with the Xbox One version commencing the next day. On both days, the action kicks off at 10:00 PDT, which is 18:00 in the UK and 19:00 in Europe. The beta ends on all platforms on the 21st July at the same time.

As with all persistent online games, you should expect any character progress you make during the beta to be wiped ahead of the game's launch in September. This ensures everyone starts off their journey on a level playing field.

To find out all of the latest developments, make sure you take a look through our Destiny 2: Beta guide - it'll be updated regularly as new information about the beta plans emerges. It also explains what you need to do in order to actually take part in the beta!

Destiny 2 platforms

Destiny 2 will be released on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. Destiny will also be playable on PC for the first time too, and will be available exclusive through Blizzard's desktop launcher.

The PC version is expected to release after the console version, although a precise date has not yet been confirmed. We'll update this guide when we know more.

Something else to be aware of is that Destiny 2 will not be released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms this time around. Time to upgrade if you've not already done so we're afraid.

Destiny 2 platform-exclusive content

A certain amount of Destiny 2 content will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 from launch until at least Fall 2018. This content includes an exclusive Strike called Lake of Shadows, armour for each class, an Exotic Weapon called Borealis, a ship, and the Retribution battleground.

Destiny 2 expansions

We know that there will be at least two expansions for Destiny 2. When we have more details of these, we’ll add them to this guide.

Destiny 2 veteran rewards

In order to ensure that both veteran players and new players alike being their journey through Destiny 2 on an even playing field, no previous character development or equipment progress from the first game will carry over into the second.

That said, a Destiny 1 character’s basic physical appearance will be transferred over to the sequel, but only if they managed to reach Level 20 and finished the Black Garden quest in the first game. Bungie has also confirmed that some kind of memorialisation of veteran characters will also take place, adding some sense of continuity to the game.

Destiny 2 trailers

In addition to the reveal video at the top of this guide, there have also been a handful of regular teaser trailers in the build-up to launch!

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