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Destiny 2: Nessus guide

The first details of one of the four worlds that form Destiny 2's universe.

Nessus is one of the four worlds revealed earlier this evening during Bungie's big reveal event for Destiny 2.

We have very limited information about this world right now, but we wanted to highlight all of the information about this location that was revealed during the keynote.

We expect a lot more information about Nessus to be revealed in the coming days, and we'll be updating this guide continuously between now and launch.

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For now though, here's the basic flavour that's been provided about Nessus:

  • This planet has been completely taken over by the Vex.
  • They have transformed the planet to resemble one of their machine worlds.
  • It will possess its own unique vegetation, despite this transformation.
  • Expect huge sweeping canyons to be a big part of the environment.
  • Nessus houses one of the first Strikes! Check out our Inverted Spire guide for all the latest information.

Two screenshots have just become available for Nessus. We'll include them separately here now, but pop a gallery together if more turn up and it starts getting a bit brutal on your mobile data plan!

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