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Destiny 2: Mercury guide - Region Chest locations and Heroic Public Event

Everything you need to know about Mercury in one place.

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Our Destiny 2: Mercury guide contains everything you need to know about the new planet in Curse of Osiris.

Released alongside Destiny 2’s first expansion the Curse of Osiris, Mercury is another explorable space filled with brand new content to devour. It’s a scorching hot desert that was once a lush, garden world. Now it’s been completely terraformed into a machine planet by the Vex, and functions as a vessel from which they’ll try and achieve world domination.

We’ve got links to every area of Mercury, including Public Events, Strikes and Lost Prophecies. These are all split into different categories, so simply scroll through them until you find the guide you’re after. It’s worth bookmarking this page as we’ll be continuously updating this article over the launch period.

You may have noticed that a number of links aren’t live yet. This means we’re working on the guide right now and we’ll have it up for you as soon as we can. Bear with us!

(Don't forget we also have extensive guides to all of the content contained in the EDZ, Io, Nessus and Titan too!)

Editor's UPDATE #5: We've added a brand new section which focuses on Cayde's Flashpoint and treasure chest hunt which will now take place on Mercury from time to time. We'll continue updating this page as time goes by, so keep an eye out for all the latest!

Mercury: Lost Prophecy Ingredients

Participating in certain activities on Mercury will reward you with ingredients that'll go towards completing Brother Vance's Lost Prophecy Verses. Currently there are three ingredients in the game, which you'll begin collecting once you've grabbed one of these verses. Some are less challenging to acquire, while others require you to partake in the toughest encounters Destiny 2 has to offer.

Arekkz has done a fantastic video breaking down which methods are the best for farming these Lost Prophecy ingredients across Mercury. We've linked his video down below and if you find it helpful, do make sure to give it a thumbs up to support his channel - he produces some fantastic Destiny 2 content.

For a complete explanation and breakdown of Lost Prophecies, make sure you head on over to our Lost Prophecy guide. It contains everything you need to know about getting started, the weapons you'll receive and more.

Mercury: Region Chest Locations

Tucked away all over Mercury are quite a few yellow chests that'll reward you with more than just a token. Each time you crack one of Mercury's Region Chests open, you'll receive 2-3 Mercury Tokens and a Rare or Legendary drop so it's well worth hunting them down.

If you want to avoid rummaging around Mercury actively seeking them all out, we've linked a video just below which'll show you exactly where to find them.

Mercury: Flashpoints

Every week, Cayde-6 offers you the chance to receive a Luminous Engram if you complete Public Events on a certain planet. Of course, now that we have Mercury, it's become part of the weekly rotation.

As Mercury's a pretty small planet, it works a little differently to all the rest. While you're still going to earn towards the Flashpoint Milestone by completing the Vex Crossroads Public Event, you'll also gain percentage by defeating Vex or Cabal Mercury Guardians. These are tougher enemies which can be found dotted around the map - simply circle it to find them!

With the Flashpoint also comes Cayde-6's treasure chest hunt. If you're after all this week's locations (12th December - 19th December) do make sure to check out our Cayde-6 Mercury Treasure map guide to bag your glorious loot.

Mercury: Adventures and Heroic Adventures

Upon completing the main Curse of Osiris campaign, go back to Brother Vance at the Lighthouse and he'll begin giving you Adventures on Mercury to complete.

At first they'll be normal mode Adventures that'll expand on the overarching Curse of Osiris story and reward you with the usual Mercury Tokens, XP and potentially some Legendary gear. However, once you complete all of these Adventures you'll unlock Heroic Adventures.

Heroic Adventures are much tougher than their normal mode equivalents as enemies have far more health, pack a serious punch and you'll be restricted to a time limit in certain sections. What's more, you'll be rewarded with far better loot (more Mercury Tokens and guaranteed Legendaries) and it's a way of working towards armour ornaments and Lost Prophecy weapons - it's well worth getting stuck in.

Mercury: Lost Sectors

Mercury's home to one Lost Sector called Pariah's Refuge. It's not too tricky to find as Mercury's shaped like a doughnut, so all you have to do is circle it clockwise and skirt the edge while doing so. Eventually you'll spot the Lost Sector symbol on a large rock and the entrance is very nearby.

Here's a complete walkthrough for Pariah's Refuge.

If you found the video helpful, do make sure to give it a thumbs up to support the creator!

Mercury: Public Events

Currently we know that Mercury’s home to the game’s first “bespoke public event” that’s also the most rewarding yet. Below you’ll find a link to completing this encounter and a step by step guide on how to activate the Heroic version.

Mercury is home to Destiny 2's first "bespoke Public Event" and it's also the game's most rewarding yet. It involves hopping between different islands and destroying Vex Hydras who hold special keys to advancing. Once you've activated all the keys, you'll be transported over to one final island where you'll face off against an enormous Vex Gate Lord.

Below we've linked our complete walkthrough for this Public Event, which explains how to activate the Heroic version and defeat the final boss.

Mercury: Infinite Forest

Mercury used to be a lush forest planet, but it’s since been completely terraformed by the Vex into a machine world. As part of their master plan to rule the galaxy, they’ve hollowed much of it out and built a simulation called the Infinite Forest.

Bungie’s introduced the Infinite Forest as a three-pronged space which will provide you with different experiences every time you play. Below we've provided a link to our Infinite Forest guide to help you through the challenges you'll face.

Mercury: NPC

Brother Vance

Brother Vance is Mercury’s main NPC, and we’ve provided a brief overview of what features he brings.


  • You’ll find him in the center of the Lighthouse.


  • Just like every other NPC in Destiny 2, you can earn reputation with him by trading in Simulation Seeds and Mercury Tokens.
  • Levelling up your Mercury Reputation rewards you with a Legendary Engram, which you can inspect to see what potential loot drops are inside. Brother Vance’s drops are likely to give you Curse of Osiris specific gear.
  • He’s got 11 Lost Prophecy Verses for sale. You can purchase these to start a specific questline that’ll grant you Curse of Osiris themed powerful gear. For more information, make sure you check out our Lost Prophecy guide.
  • Much like Ikora's Meditations, Brother Vance has Heroic Adventures on offer. Purchase one of these and it'll unlock on Mercury, meaning you can go over to it and get whisked off on a very difficult mission for some very nice rewards.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris guides

Mercury: Redeemable Drops

Here’s an outline of the collectible currency drops you’ll find while out exploring Mercury and what you can do with them.

  • Mercury Tokens
  • Simulation Seeds

Mercury Tokens are dropped randomly while participating in all manner of activities throughout Mercury. Typically, you’ll earn more for completing tougher challenges or collect the odd one or two while out exploring the planet. Redeeming them with Brother Vance rewards you with reputation.

Simulation Seeds are glowing, levitating spheres that can be found while randomly exploring Mercury. Redeem these with Vance and they’ll reward you with a little less reputation than a Mercury Token.

Mercury: Strikes

With the Curse of Osiris comes two exciting Strikes to complete. We’ve provided links to both of them below.

On top of this, the Heroic Strikes playlist is returning, albeit with some changes from the original game. Make sure you check out our guide for all the details.


Mercury: Bungie livestream details

Bungie’s gradually feeding us information on Mercury and Curse of Osiris with special live streams throughout November. Below you’ll find a continuously updated list of all the important details you need.

If you’re full details from each of Bungie’s live streams, make sure you head over to our Curse of Osiris guide as it contains a wealth of information on what to expect from Destiny 2’s first expansion.

The Lighthouse

Mercury houses Destiny 2’s third social hub, the Lighthouse. It’s made a return from the original Destiny, albeit with quite a few changes. In the original game it was an exclusive location for the hardiest of Guardians who managed to go flawless in a PVP event entitled the Trials of Osiris. Far from a social space, it was a location where you’d grab your winnings and perhaps take a nice screenshot or two.

Now the Lighthouse is a social space which everyone can access and it’s home to a few interesting things. Here’s what we know so far.

  • Brother Vance is the main NPC in the Lighthouse. He’s the main vendor and will also hand you mission and other activities to complete.
  • The Lighthouse is home to a forge which you can use to craft unique DLC weapons.
  • Brother Vance will sell a total of 11 Lost Prophecy Verses. When you purchase one you’ll be tasked with gathering ingredients to activate it. Once you’ve completed this mini-quest, you’ll pop the final product into the forge and it’ll reward you with a unique Legendary Weapon.
  • There’s also a mystery to be solved in this new social space, although it remains to be seen what exactly it entails.

The Infinite Forest

  • The Infinite Forest is an enormous Vex simulation that’s built to test out an infinite number of possibilities throughout time. It’s ultimate aim is to bring about the Vex’s success in ruling the universe.
  • A number of Adventures will take place in the Infinite Forest.
  • The Infinite Forest has been likened to a number of randomised LEGO blocks that slot together every time you play. It’s not procedurally generated, but a set of random scenarios handcrafted by Bungie to keep gameplay engaging.
  • Every combatant race is present in the Infinite Forest.


Public Event

  • There’s one brand new Public Event that’s been designed specifically for Mercury. It’s entitled Vex Crossroads and takes Guardians on a booster-pad-filled adventure across the planet.
  • You’ll be facing off against Vex Gatekeepers, collecting their keys, boosting across to different islands and eventually facing off against the Gate Lord.
  • This Public Event rewards you with two chests, although the loot you receive will remain much the same.

Strikes, Adventures and Lost Sectors

  • There are two new Strikes set on Mercury. You’ll encounter these during the Curse of Osiris campaign and once you’ve completed them, they’ll be added to the main Strike playlist.
  • A number of Adventures will take place on Mercury. What’s more, Bungie has confirmed that tougher Heroic Adventures are also being introduced to Destiny 2.
  • Lost Sectors will be present throughout Mercury, although they won’t be marked on your map this time.

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